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Tommy Hilfiger Launches Innovative Digital Sales Showroom

Tommy Hilfiger announced the launch of a new innovative digital sales showroom at its global headquarters in Amsterdam Wednesday. The digital showroom transforms the sales experience for retailers by providing an engaging and seamless buying approach. The system fuses together information, sales tools and brand content into one touchscreen interface.

An interactive half-meter by one-meter touch screen table sits in the middle of the digital showroom, connecting to a four meter-high wall-to-wall grid of high definition 4K screens. With this, customers have the ability to view all items in the Tommy Hilfiger sportswear and Hilfiger Denim seasonal collections, create custom orders, view full body looks, zoom and click to see different colors and sizes.

Daniel Grieder, Tommy Hilfiger CEO, said, “Our digital showroom revolutionizes the buying and selling journey for our retail customers and internal sales teams.” He added, “We are passionate about providing our clients with the best service, experience and quality. Our new digital showroom concept completely reimagines the traditional buying approach and establishes a new fashion industry benchmark for business to business sales. The concept also supports our ongoing focus on efficiency and will significantly streamline and enhance the Tommy Hilfiger sales experience.”

As Tommy Hilfiger explained, “Our unique digital showroom concept is a juxtaposition of craft and innovation.” He added, “The platform reflects values which are at the heart of our brand DNA: entrepreneurial, inspirational, surprising, inclusive and accessible. We believe this is the sales experience of the future and look forward to working with our retail partners in this exciting new setup.”

The interactive interface fosters discussions about styling, merchandising and deliveries tailored to each client. The digital showroom also supports the company’s continuous sustainability mission by reducing sample production, eliminating printed order forms, and avoiding the environmental impacts of shipping.

Tommy Hilfiger is working on a global roll-out plan to expand the digital showroom concept into markets worldwide.