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Turkey Unveils Ecolabel Certification System for Textile Products

Turkey is fortifying its sustainable stance with a new Ecolabel certification system for various domestic products, including textiles, ceramics and paper.

According to multiple Turkish media reports on Tuesday, a Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization official said the nation is debuting a new Ecolabel certification system. The official told Turkish media outlets that the ministry completed a project that aims to incorporate the nation’s legislation into the EU’s Ecolabel legislation. With the Ecolabel, consumers can identify sustainable products made in Turkey.

Dubbed the National Environmental Labeling System, the Ecolabel’s first level of implementation will involve textiles, ceramics and paper made in Turkey. Products from seven firms—tow in the textile industry, three in the ceramics industry, two in the paper industry—will receive the new certification. The Ecolabel certification system is aimed at fostering energy efficiency, circular production and waste minimization in these domestic industries moving forward.

As part of the ecolabel certification system’s launch, the government was set to hold a National Ecolabel Logo Competition at a ceremony in Ankara on Thursday. Reports said 85 logos are competing to become Turkey’s official Ecolabel.

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Turkey’s new Ecolabel certification system follows other global similar initiatives, as companies step up their sustainability and transparency commitments.

In September, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission upgraded registered identification numbers (RN) criteria for clothing, fur and textile labels. The new criteria streamlines the labeling application process for U.S. companies and supports domestic product compliance regulations.

Last April, the EU debuted a new garment supply chain policy that addressed priorities for women’s economic empowerment, work wages and supply chain transparency, including the EU Ecolabel for textile products and footwear.

Even though concerns remain about false product labeling  in Europe, Turkey’s Ecolabel certification system and others should act to boost transparency throughout the continent’s textile sector.