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Donate Shoes, Change Someone’s Life

The Two Ten Footwear Foundation’s Share Your Shoes fundraising program converts excess inventory and worn returns into funds that directly help footwear families in crisis. Two Ten can help clear out your warehouse, and you can help Two Ten support our own industry’s employees. It’s as simple as that.

Footwear brands can ship the shoes directly to our Two Ten logistics partners, or we will schedule a date and time for pick-up at your facility.

Why donate shoes to Two Ten?

  1. We 100 percent guarantee your inventory will be distributed exactly where you specify.
  2. You’ll reduce your warehousing costs and logistics expenses.
  3. This is a simple way to support Two Ten outside of traditional corporate gifts.
  4. Your product donation may be eligible for tax benefits. (Please consult your tax advisor.)
  5. All funds raised provide emergency financial assistance for footwear employees across the U.S.—including your own employees who reach out to Two Ten for help.

Take note: Two Ten Footwear Foundation is a 4-Star Charity Navigator-rated charity—an honor awarded to philanthropic organizations that demonstrate strong financial health and a commitment to accountability, transparency and effective programming. To date, only 25 percent of rated charities in the U.S. have achieved this recognition in 2019, and Two Ten is proud to be included in this highly distinguished group.

Who has donated shoes through Share Your Shoes?

Since the program launched a year ago, more than 50 well-known industry brands have donated shoes, with Brooks Running helping kick off the program with a significant product donation to Share Your Shoes. Here is what Jim Weber, CEO of Brooks Running, had to say about Share Your Shoes:

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Brooks Running Company is very pleased to provide the Two Ten Footwear Foundation a performance running shoe donation that supports the foundation’s various programs and efforts. We continue to be inspired by all you do—especially during these volatile times—to offer financial assistance, counseling, community resources and scholarships to those working in the footwear industry. Brooks is proud to partner with you!”

How can donating shoes help footwear families?

Did you know that one out of every three footwear employees in the U.S. is in need of emergency financial assistance? It’s a staggering and sobering fact, and one that the Two Ten team deals with every day, as we receive dozens of calls hourly from footwear families across the country who are experiencing a crisis.

Your shoe donation helps us generate funds to assist families who are facing hardship due to job loss, mounting bills, natural disasters or catastrophic illness—like Corey’s family.

Corey is a footwear industry veteran and executive, but hardship does not discriminate by position or tenure. After his young daughter had a stroke and was hospitalized for more than three months, he had to juggle work, bills and helping his daughter recover—traveling hours between the hospital and home.

Corey’s footwear industry colleagues reached out to Two Ten on his behalf, hoping to secure some assistance during this tough time. Two Ten was able to support Corey and his family by providing funds to cover four months of living expenses.

“Not having to worry about losing our home or paying bills was such an enormous relief,” Corey said. “My family and I can’t imagine how we would have managed without Two Ten’s help.”

Two Ten and our Social Services committee were only able to provide this level of support to Corey because we had the funds available thanks to the support of our donors and special fundraising programs like Share Your Shoes.

If you and your company would like to participate in Share Your Shoes, please contact or visit

About Two Ten Footwear Foundation

Founded in 1939, Two Ten Footwear Foundation is the national charitable foundation of the footwear industry, providing emergency financial assistance, natural disaster recovery, counseling services, scholarships and community-building programs that improve the lives and careers of thousands of footwear employees in the United States every year. The only industry-centric foundation in the country, Two Ten brings footwear people together to support each other during times of crisis and to build a sense of community that ensures a bright future for our industry’s workforce. For more information, please visit