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WEAR 2016 to Address Environmentally-Friendly Supply Chain Solutions

The global apparel and textile industry will come together again at a major annual meeting in Canada.

Fashion Takes Action will hold its third annual World Ethical Apparel Roundtable or WEAR 2016, a sustainable business conference, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Nov. 1 and Nov. 2 to discuss supply chain, innovation and textile waste solutions among the world’s designers, manufacturers, retailers and suppliers, among others.

The conference will host more than 40 speakers, 12 breakouts and four workshops over two days. As one of few North American sustainable business conferences for fashion, apparel and textiles, WEAR will welcome all involved in Canada’s global apparel industry.

WEAR 2016’s themes are supply chain (clean supply chains, ethical sourcing transparency), innovation (business models for change, technology and textiles) and textile waste (circular economy, management & collection, extended producer responsibility, zero waste design).

Valued at more than $3 trillion, the global apparel and textile industry is vital to international economies, according to WEAR, and as a catalyst for financial prosperity, there is a responsibility to take care of the environment and the individuals that make apparel.

Currently, the industry is having a substantial impact on climate change and Earth’s future—and not a very positive one. Transitioning toward more environmentally-friendly and innovative business models will allow the industry to leave a smaller footprint and have a more positive impact on the environment and the world’s population.

At a standstill, the global apparel and textile industry can’t afford to dismiss potential benefits and risks of manufacturing, production and sourcing, WEAR says.

At WEAR 2016, industry members will have the opportunity to work together to overcome challenges and determine a more sustainable and innovative approach to a greener industry, environment and workforce.