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AAFA President and CEO Juanita Duggan to Step Down

Duggan will stay on for the remainder of the year before departing for a “new role.” The AAFA board of directors said it’s working on a leadership transition plan.

“When we brought Juanita on, we knew that she was a dynamic leader with deep Washington insight which is why we selected her to chart a new course for AAFA and that’s what she has done,” AAFA chairman Rick Helfenbein said. “Under her leadership, we have garnered important legislative wins in trade, raised the profile of the organization, and put a new architecture in place that sets AAFA up for future success.”

During her tenure, Duggan expanded the reach of the organization’s signature events, the American Image Awards and the Executive Summit, battled against the increasing problem of counterfeits and oversaw the selection and design of a new office six blocks from the Capitol, and she will stay on for the move into the new head office.

“I will miss working with the talented staff at AAFA and with such a supportive and engaged board of directors,” Duggan said. “While I look forward to my new role, I will always be proud of the work we accomplished?taking on important issues, making bold changes, and effectively communicating the industry’s point-of-view in Washington, to our membership, and in the media.”

Helfenbein added, “We’re well positioned to continue the success we’ve achieved and to remain actively engaged in the trade debates, in the fight on counterfeits, and in building our brand.”