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Adidas Explains How its ‘Smart Layering’ Performance Apparel Works

Ahead of the Tokyo Olympics set to take place this summer, Adidas has released a new collection of versatile, weather-ready training gear to combat the elements and allow athletes and consumers of performance apparel more opportunities to train for their next hurdle.

The Ready multi-sport collection offers responsive fabrics and intuitive design to minimize distractions caused by the elements when training outdoors. Adidas said its biggest goal is maximizing performance on the hottest stages in Tokyo this summer.

“Weather has become a major external factor affecting performance, so we set out to create a system that combats external elements so athletes can train without distractions,” Adidas vice president of design Josefine Aberg said in a statement.

Military apparel inspired some of the collection’s design elements, according to Adidas, and Ready uses a “smart layering” system to improve comfort when wearing multiple pieces from the collection.

Adidas' new multi-sport collection, Ready, is weather responsive--featuring a smart layering system to protect from the elements
Heat.Rdy apparel, part of the Ready collection, boasts precise ventilation zones informed by body mapping technology. Adidas

“Ready apparel uses a smart layering system that allows athletes to build modular sports outfits that address seasonal needs, selecting different pieces that can be worn together without bulking at the seams and which allow for maximum movement, comfort and ventilation,” Adidas said.

The capsule combines design elements from Adidas’ various performance lines, and includes running shorts, hoodies, T-shirts and outerwear infused with elements of four technology systems: Heat.Rdy, Cold.Rdy, Wind.Rdy and Rain.Rdy.

Heat.Rdy utilizes body mapping technology for “precise ventilation zones” and hybrid, lightweight textiles to encourage cooling, flexibility and moisture-wicking. Cold.Rdy features a “smart laying system” to trap in heat and innovative yarns to insulate and repel water while remaining breathable.

Windweave, a “gradient-like” single material that varies in density to keep wind out without minimizing airflow is the defining feature of the Wind.Rdy capsule. Meanwhile, Rain.Rdy features waterproof tape at the seams and a performance membrane to protect from wet conditions and channeled rain.

The Heat.Rdy portion of the collection is available immediately in Adidas stores worldwide, while Cold.Rdy, Wind.Rdy and Rain.Rdy are set for an Autumn/Winter 2020 release.

Heat.Rdy apparel will also be featured in team kits for Great Britain, Germany, Ethiopia and Hungary when the Tokyo Olympics take place, Adidas said, barring a postponement related to the ongoing global pandemic.