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Alibaba Group Collaborates with CPSC for Consumer Safety

Chairman Elliot F. Kaye announced a major voluntary consumer safety collaboration between the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Alibaba Group Holding Limited, the biggest online and mobile commerce company in the world, according to the CPSC website.

CPSC explained Kaye’s speech at the Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair, in which he commended Alibaba Group’s commitment to cooperating with CPSC in making sure illegal and recalled products in the U.S. are unavailable to the buyers.

Chairman Kaye explained, “With an increasing number of companies and consumers taking their business online, Alibaba’s decision to implement these new policies is a victory for U.S. consumers and their safety.”

Kaye continued, “The company’s forward leaning approach in this regard will help prevent dangerous and recalled products from being passed on to unsuspecting consumers.”

Under the agreement, Alibaba now has a direct line or contact for CPSC and has vowed to work quickly with CPSC on requests to block illegal and recalled consumer products. In the coming days, product safety information for U.S. importers will also be available.

CPSC described that in addition, Alibaba Group has agreed to use access points on its Business to Business (B2B) platform in order to guide U.S. importers to the country’s safety standards for consumer products at higher risk.

Jim Wilkinson, Alibaba Group’s senior VP for Corporate Affairs concluded, “We are honored and proud to work with the CPSC on these important and serious consumer protection measures. Chairman Kaye is a strong leader with an excellent track record of results in protecting U.S. consumers. We look forward to working collaboratively with the Chairman and his team to do everything possible to protect consumers.”