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Alvanon’s New 3D Body Platform Launched With 6,000 Models

Virtual 3-D rendering saves designers from the time and monetary cost of the sampling process, but digital design has its limitations. In the interest of improving fit and making designs accessible to a wider range of body types, apparel technology company Alvanon launched the Alvanon Body Platform (ABP) this year.

The ABP is a cloud database of 6,000 avatars that allows brands and retailers to access and share their 3-D fit and core body standards with their supply chain partners. The tool renders a multitude of body shapes and sizes, virtual texture and measurement lines, 3-D mesh draping and flexible poses. Alvanon will also be launching several regional sizing standards within the software in 2019.

“At Alvanon, we believe that the 3-D journey begins with the avatar. Not just any avatar, but the fit standard that represents the brand’s target customers’ body shapes and sizes,” explained Jason Wang, COO at Alvanon.

A select group of apparel professionals throughout the fashion industry beta tested the platform and user experience, including leaders at brands such as American Eagle Outfitters, Express, Lucky Brands, Lululemon and Under Armour.

Additionally, ABP is built with industry-standard security technologies. The tool’s secure and encrypted format ensures client fit standards are protected from unauthorized use or copying.

“We believe brands need an effective method to monitor the correct usage of their fit standards within their supply chain and the Alvanon Body Platform allows brands to view, monitor and distribute fit standards with authorized vendors,” Wang said.

The move towards true-to-life 3-D rendering is also part of many brands’ sustainability initiatives. Stephen Sze, director of software engineering at Alvanon, emphasized the environmental import of sophisticated 3-D rendering platforms. “This launch marks a new era for retail innovation,” Sze said. “[3D design] eliminates huge amounts of waste each year.”

Currently, the Alvanon Body Platform supports CLO and Browzwear 3-D software with Optitex, Shima Seiki, Toray ACS and TG3D Studio. The company plans to expand supported software in 2019.