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Alvanon to Debut Intimate/Swim and Half-Scale AlvaForms at ITAA 2014

PRESS RELEASE: NEW YORK – November 10, 2014 – Alvanon, Inc. (The Apparel Fit Expert) will showcase its latest academic fit and sizing tools at the International Textile and Apparel Association ITAA’s 2014 Annual Conference, Hilton Charlotte Center City. Alvanon, an ITAA supporter and sponsor of the organization’s Creative Design Awards, will exhibit November 13 – 16. Attendees will have the opportunity to review Alvanon’s new Intimate/Swim AlvaForm and Half-Scale AlvaForm, along with its industry standard ASTM Missy Curvy AlvaForm and AlvaBlock pattern set.

At the show, Alvanon will raffle off Half-Scale AlvaForms and sell them at a Special ITAA Price available only on site. As an ITAA Award Sponsor, Alvanon will provide premium AlvaForms to the organization’s Creative Design undergraduate and graduate winners. Next year, Alvanon will additionally sponsor the ITAA Research Award, as well. Call for entries will be announced shortly after the conference.

The Intimate/Swim AlvaForm
The Alvanon Intimate/Swim AlvaForm technical fit mannequin mimics the fit of lingerie and swimwear on real women, enabling designers, manufacturers and retailers to create and market intimate apparel and swimwear that fits more women more consistently, while achieving greater comfort and customer satisfaction.

The Intimate/Swim AlvaForm helps designers achieve more realistic fittings of compression wear fabrics. It is 15% softer than Alvanon’s standard soft mannequins.

The Half Scale AlvaForm
Alvanon’s Half-Scale AlvaForm is used by schools, students, patternmakers and others looking to practice draping and scaling, make precise measurement lines on a realistic body shape and accurately create patterns on a small scale. The space-saving mannequin is shaped in a torso form style and is cut at mid-thigh for the added ability to create bottoms. It comes with a portable hanging stand.

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The Industry Standard AlvaForm Collections
Based on thousands of body scans, Alvanon’s regionally based standard AlvaForm series accurately and realistically represent a vast range of target demographics. Each standard form series have been developed in relation to each other as a size range so that the customer can choose the form that is closest to their requirements whether as a base sample size or jump size for garment evaluation. This option is equally popular among global and region specific brands of various sizes and industries.

The AlvaBlock
Alvanon’s AlvaBlocks are base level blocks created specifically for AlvaForms. These pattern templates address key parameters that ensure garments are perfectly balanced and technically well-fitted. Bad fit is the primary reason why developmental samples are rejected. During the product development process, the AlvaBlock is used as the basis to create the best fitting style pattern for the AlvaForm. The AlvaForm is used as the fit standard for sample evaluation. AlvaBlocks ensure your vendor base has the right tools to create accurate fit samples the first time, resulting in a shortened product development time.