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Amazon Adds 1 Million New Products to its Canadian Site

Amazon has further expanded its product offerings in Canada, adding musical instruments and wireless stores, where shoppers will have access to more than one million new products at

The e-commerce king launched the stores Tuesday, making sixteen new storefronts launched in the last twelve months and bringing the number of product categories offered in Canada to almost that of the U.S.

As always, Amazon says it is committed to delivering on the customer’s every need all in once place. Alexandre Gagnon, country manager for, said, “Customers can now order a new reed for their woodwind instrument, find the latest DJ equipment, search for a new drum set, discover the perfect case for their wireless device or buy an extra cell phone charger from the convenience of their home. shoppers can find a wide selection of items, easily take advantage of free shipping or Free Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime, and have their must-have products delivered to their home, with just a few clicks.”

Now Amazon’s musical instruments store (, will have one of the largest selections of musical instruments in Canada with products from brands like Shure, Audio-Technica and Pioneer.

The wireless store ( will also have one of Canada’s largest selection of wireless accessories, a rapidly-growing product category.

Maureen Atkinson, senior partner at global retail consultancy J.C. Williams Group told Canada’s The Globe and Mail, “Amazon is just not stopping.” She added, “Their intention all along is to build out a full suite of their products in each country they’re in…Canadian retailers aren’t there yet, in terms of what the customer wants.”

J.C. Williams released a report in March that said in January this year, just 55 percent of total digital purchases in Canada, by volume, went toward purchases from Canadian companies. One-third of total spending went to the U.S. with the remainder going to Asia and Europe.

Retail e-commerce sales in Canada are expected to reach CA $25.37 billion ($23 billion) in 2014.

Amazon has continued to expand in Canada as more major retailers, like Walmart and Target are investing in rapid growth in the country, but with the etailer’s plans for still further growth, keeping up will be a battle, if even possible.

Alexandre Gagnon, country manager, told The Globe and Mail, “We have mostly launched everything that we wanted to launch.” He continued, “But we are not done. We will continue adding a lot more.”