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Amazon UK Opens Its Marketplace to Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt sellers in the U.K. now have an opportunity double or triple their revenue, thanks to the e-commerce platform’s new partnership with Amazon. The online giant has begun to handpick Spreadshirt’s best-selling styles to showcase on its U.K. marketplace, expanding Spreadshirt’s reach and broadening sellers’ interactions with their target audience on a much wider scale.

Top-selling items from Spreadshirt, which specializes in print-on-demand clothing and accessories, include products that mark a special occasion, endorse a sports team, or contain a funny slogan or image. Spreadshirt covers all Amazon-related fees, with the full commission on sales going directly to its shop partners.

Spreadshirt CEO Philip Rooke said, “The Amazon marketplace offers our designers and partners an additional opportunity to be seen by millions of engaging customers. This is a natural progression in our multichannel offering that will strengthen our sellers’ links to customers and attract new ones and drive their businesses forward.”

Rooke added, “We think the rise of external marketplaces is a key trend and have set up a division to respond to it. EBay now offers B2C routes and other, previously industry-only players, are entering the consumer market. This diversification of sales channels can only benefit Spreadshirt and our sellers, so we’re making it an important part of our long-term strategy.”