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Apparel, Textiles and Fiber Products Make Big Comeback in 2013

A big comeback in growth by about 4 percent is expected this year for international apparel, textile and other fiber products.  Experts forecast a top of about 16.5 million tons by the end of 2013.

Last year those products fell by 2 percent in weight, reflecting a consumer reluctance to buy as the global economy slumped and the national economies of many countries were recovering, if at all, very slowly.

The numbers for 2012 represent a little more than 50 percent of total global consumer demand.

The healthy growth forecast for 2013 was drawn from an analysis of products made of all fiber categories, natural and manmade (MMF).

Apparel made mostly in the MMF category is growing this year at a hefty eight percent, and could hit almost eight million tons, according to expert forecasts.

Textile growth, including products of spun yarns, fabrics for additional processing, and household and tech products, is expected to run about 7.5% and to hit about 24.7 tons.

The MMF category in the broader all-textiles group is estimated to be growing at ten percent and is expected to hit 13.7 million tons by the end of the year.

Included in the estimate for MMF growth are footwear, luggage, automobile usage, and other products using MMF textiles.

An overview of the international textile market and its importance in the world economy will be presented by various experts speaking at the PCI Fibres Conference on November 7 and 8 in Hong Kong.

Among the key speakers at the conference will be “View from the Peak” blogger, Paul Krake, a textile and apparel industry expert, who will talk about the potential effects of a debt default by the US.