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Applied DNA Sciences Launches On-Site DNA Authentication Program for Cotton Textiles and Apparel

New technology could speed up the authentication and tracking of cotton from field to rack.

Applied DNA Science, Inc. (APDN), a provider of botanical DNA-based security solutions and services, announced Monday that it is launching an on-site DNA Authentication Program in response to the market need to provide faster reporting of DNA authentications at every step of the cotton textile supply chain.

The program aims to ensure quality assurance, controls and sourcing of raw materials prior to its conversion into finished goods. Anyone in the supply chain, including growers, ginners, spinners, manufacturers, brand owners, retailers and government agencies, will be able to use the system.

The turnkey program includes a desktop-sized Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) machine with consumables for testing, as well as supporting software, on-site training and online customer service support. APDN will also consult with potential licensees in order to offer the ability to test large volumes of samples from different lots or batches. As part of the program, the company will retain samples from licensees to enable full forensic evaluation and authentication whenever required.

“This is a development of historic importance, as we believe we are the first and only company to place forensic authentication in the hands of our customers and partners,” said Dr. James Hayward, APDN president and CEO. “If I were a brand owner, I would want to ensure that my products are never compromised. The transparency this program offers will allow brand owners, in collaboration with the textile manufacturers and suppliers, to deliver on their promise to the consumer with confidence.”