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APDN to Provide Counterfeit Protection for Extra Long Staple Pima Cotton Producer

Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (APDN), a developer of DNA-based anti-counterfeiting technology, announced Tuesday it has made a commercial agreement with a textile manufacturer to purchase a Signature T DNA mark to protect and authenticate extra long staple Pima cotton starting Oct. 27, 2014.

In order to protect products against the growing trend of counterfeiting, APDN has developed a marker to ensure the product is completely authentic. Through its commercial program, ADPN’s agreement will allow the textile manufacturer and its retail partners to verify the quality and authenticity of the fiber throughout its supply chain, from the grower to the consumer. The marker cannot be forged or removed.

The marker will be implemented into the customer’s annual demand of the fiber at the ginning stage. Once marked, the Pima cotton may be authenticated for textile identity at any point along the supply chain. After the cotton is marked, the procurement of “provenance data,” which connects the original cotton fiber to the finished product, can test its textile identity.

APDN executive director for apparel and textiles Meilin Wan said, “The kind of value that comes from a trusted, traceable and transparent supply chain is immeasurable, and we know consumers respond well to brands they trust, and even more to products they know will wear and launder well. Every moment of our daily lives involves a textile – from the bed sheets you woke up in, to the wrinkle free cotton oxford shirt you wear with that wool suit, to the upholstered fabric in the car you drove to work in, to the carpet in your office.”