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Around the Web: The Army Against Amazon, Craftsmanship Over China, the Department Store Facelift

This week, the web demonstrated Amazon’s market strength, explored why craftmanship wins and offered deparment stores new methods for survival.

What’s digital, enormous and eating department stores alive? Amazon. Since 2006, Amazon has dominated traditional brick-and-mortar retailers with its aggressive disruption and combined market value of $355.9 billion, which is more than Best Buy, J.C. Penney, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Sears and Target combined. (Visual Capitalist)

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Craftsmanship comes before cost. Despite retail’s uncertainty and Asia’s lower production costs, luxury companies are still turning to historic towns, like Ubrique in Spain, for their leather manufacturing operations. (BBC)

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Amazon is gaining momentum in the online fashion space and other e-tailers can’t keep up. This push to beat the e-commerce juggernaut has prompted other major players, including Asos and Zalando, to invest millions in new warehouses and other business expansion efforts. (Bloomberg)

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The demise of Sears has been a cautionary tale for other iconic retailers. Once the top store for Americans, Sears’ failure to adapt over the years coupled with poor investment decisions has resulted in rampant store closures and a future that very likely involves bankruptcy. (Sears)

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Department stores may be struggling, but experts say to survive, these retailers must sell products consumers can’t find anywhere else, minimize brick-and-mortar locations, ditch discounting and pursue the concession model. (The Business of Fashion)

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Traditional retail jobs may be on the decline, but e-commerce careers are on the rise. Thanks to major players, like Amazon, people across the U.S. are turning to online fulfillment centers for their next professional journeys. (The Boston Globe)

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Athleisure is the new luxury for China. The nation’s millennial consumers keep snapping up apparel in this category, which is undergoing major diversification and becoming more of a lifestyle concept. (Jing Daily)

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Despite President Trump touting “Made in America’s” importance, many blue collar workers are surprisingly quitting their jobs and turning to other industries, like e-commerce, to further their career ambitions. (The Washington Post)

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