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Asos Launches New Label Aimed Squarely at Gen Z

Asos has launched a new, gender-fluid, Gen Z-focused private label line set to launch in October.

The U.K.-based online retailer tapped six young creatives to serve as brand consultants for its Collusion line, which Asos said rethinks fashion categorization.

It’s “a new-to-market fashion proposition anchored by the ideals of collaboration, inclusivity and experimentation,” Asos said. “The brand model sets out to be constantly evolving, ad never fixed. The label targets a new generation and as such, real members of that audience.”

Details are scarce on what Collusion will look like at launch, but it will kick off its introduction in October with a national campaign featuring 100 British citizens that are 18 years old or soon to be. Each model’s spot on the campaign will be shaped around their answer to the question: “What do you wish for, in the year you come of age?”

The campaign will be headed by director Dan Emmerson and photographer Tom Sloan. A combination of an ad, artwork and social experimentation, the ambitious project will be available through Collusion’s social media once released.

Asos is no stranger to finding new strategies to interact with younger consumers. As evidence mounts that shoppers are increasingly making decisions based on sustainability, Asos has committed to supporting a fully circular economy. It has also taken steps to fight modern slavery and forbid animal cruelty within its supply chain.

The retailer is active in recruiting new designers to further incorporate renewable, recycled and sustainable fibers into more of its clothing. In June, Asos told Sourcing Journal that it banned mohair, silk and cashmere from its apparel in response to a PETA campaign against the materials harvested from animals.