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Band of Outsiders to Relaunch Women’s Wear Collection

Band of Outsiders, a once-defunct men’s wear label, has announced its next collection will feature women’s wear for the first time since the brand was relaunched in 2016 under new creative director Angelo Van Mol and brand director Daniel Hettmann.

When the London-based brand announced in 2015 that it would be ceasing production and closing the doors of its New York store, the fashion world mourned the loss of one of its more unique men’s wear brands. In a post-mortem, GQ called the Los Angeles-native brand “unquestionably” one of its favorite men’s wear labels thanks to its “whimsical mix of Wes Anderson Chic and California cool.”

Band of Outsiders was since bought by Belgian fashion fund, CLCC, and relaunched in London with a new team and a new focus. But when the brand was revived in 2016, it came back as a pure men’s wear label. Considering the existing clout Band has in the men’s wear field, it was likely the safest option for a label looking for new footing.

Now, however, acknowledging the positive reception or previous women’s wear offerings, Band of Outsiders leadership plans to reopen the popular men’s wear brand to women and expand the label’s reach for its next collection. For Fall/Winter 2019, Band of Outsiders will release a collection including eight pieces designed for women, which will launch during London Fashion Week Men’s in January.

The two men tasked with spearheading that revival, Van Mol and Hettmann, are young designers looking to make their names in fashion. Their latest collection, a nod to the pioneers of space travel from the ’60s and ’70s, is partially inspired by the latest Ryan Gosling film, First Man. However, instead of focusing on the adventurous lives of the astronauts and technicians behind humanity’s first venture into space, the duo looked to the public for inspiration, drawing ideas from what people were wearing when they watched the first rocket shot into space.

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“The collection is very much about the feel of the end of the ’60s and beginning of the ’70s,” the brand said in a statement Monday. “The choice of colors and fabrics embodies this: warm hues including spice orange, burgundy and olive brown are balanced with camel, navy and black.”

Acknowledging that the period was also rife with conflict amid social progress, Band of Outsiders says including women’s wear in its new collection was “an important step forward.” Its women’s wear looks will be heavily influenced by the same design principles found in the men’s wear segment and will include heritage check wools, corduroy, pony skin and placement print chiffon on blazers, miniskirts, suits and dresses.

Denim will be included in the women’s wear collection in either blue or brown, too. The collection as a whole, of which complete details and images have yet to be revealed, will also feature more traditional Band of Outsiders fare, in particular, the funky cotton shirting the brand is known for.

Meanwhile, original Band of Outsiders founder Scott Sternberg launched a new label called “Entireworld” this summer after leaving the company shortly before the shutdown. Sternberg founded Band of Outsiders in 2004, which quickly caught on thanks to unique marketing and out-of-the-ordinary apparel choices.