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Bioworld Europe to Launch New Pokémon Lines

Bioworld Europe is jumping on the Pokémon Go bandwagon.

The apparel distribution company is adding more Pokémon merchandise this fall, in response to the worldwide popularity of the app, Licensing Source reported.

Pokémon Go, an app which allows users to capture and train Pokémon with their smartphone’s real-world map, launched on July 6. Available to use around the world at various locations, the app allows users to find creatures everywhere from the local supermarket to the Eiffel Tower.

The app’s success may also be a plus to the struggling retail industry. Although most Pokémon Go users are going into stores to capture Charizards and not buy clothing, it may be beneficial to welcome those individuals’ interests.

According to Forbes contributor Nikki Baird, there are four ways retailers can prepare for the surge of in-occupied consumers, including welcoming Pokémon Go trainers, moving trainer-relevant merchandise to the front of stores, investing in lures including Pokestops, and surprising trainers by acknowledging the trainer community with Pokémon cards and candy.

During the past two weeks, Bioworld Europe and many others have taken advantage of the resurrected ‘90s culture phenomenon, reporting a surge in Pokémon themed apparel and accessories. Bioworld’s new Pokémon merchandise will include trainer and streetwear-inspired accessories, hoodies and tees.

“With the enormous buzz around all things Pokémon, we have many retailers requesting special Pokémon products and we are developing an even wider collection to meet that demand,” Bioworld Europe product manager Leon van der Made said. “We have a great stock collection available now and ready to go.”