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Lace Supplier Brunet Adopts a Handmade Aesthetic With Nouveau Leavers

In intimates, beauty, hand feel and innovation are key sales drivers. And they’re at the heart of lace manufacturer Brunet’s latest introduction.

Brunet, which is a leading supplier to the women’s intimates market, partnering with brands like Victoria’s Secret, Etam, Chantelle, Hanes and Maniform, is taking cues from the past with Nouveau Leavers, a new spin on a traditional technique.

Since the 1800s, the Leavers name has been synonymous with high-end, intricate lace. Brunet is keeping that tradition alive with its latest lace, created through a patented technique that uses specialized machinery to replicate the handmade aesthetic of bygone decades.

“Brunet’s roots are in Leavers, it’s in our DNA, it’s our heritage,” said Arnaud Limousin, managing director at Brunet. The company, which has been providing lace to the intimates market for more than 106 years extending back to its roots in France, draws on vintage designs from its archives. The result is a blend of classic patterns with modern motifs—all with a supple hand that’s welcome against the skin.

“We listened to our customers and understood that a vast majority of our clients are looking for better materials. At the same time, they face difficulties in finding materials at the right price and with the right aesthetics,” Limousin said. “Either lead times are too slow, products are too expensive or they don’t match with their brand identity.”

Brunet’s factories, which are now located in Asia, are also positioned to facilitate speed to market for brands both big and small with a capacity of 38 million meters per year. The machines are fast and versatile, and the company continuously invests in research and development to push the limits of what’s possible. The sophisticated apparatus allows Brunet to partner with clients, giving them the freedom to develop an almost endless range of custom patterns.

“Innovation is one of our core values and has always been a ‘tool’ to help us stand the test of time and stay ahead of the market,” Limousin said. “The expertise gained during our Leavers years have been a very good foundation to upgrade our machines. The secret lies in the way we sketch, draft and then produce.

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With Nouveau Leavers Brunet provides retailers with the opportunity to create elevated pieces positioned at the higher end of the mid-tier market. Despite the industry’s focus on price, Limousin believes there’s an opportunity for brands to engage consumers if they have story to tell and the rich tradition associated with Leavers designs gives them just that.

The added value of the story coupled with the soft, beautiful material speaks to today’s sophisticated, confident woman, he said.

Beyond its nod to heritage, Nouveau Leavers answers one very contemporary concern: The lace is eye catching, making it ideal for capturing online shoppers. “In addition to hand feel, the biggest demand is [intimates] must be visual for e-commerce. The pieces need to be easily understood, super elegant, simple but with details,” Limousin said.

Nouveau Leavers joins Brunet’s range of lace groupings, which includes B Pop, a youthful range of colorful patterns ideal for sporty looks; the feminine, chic B Beauty, which lends itself to casual cozy lounge wear; and B Sexy’s glamourous, extravagant look bursting with floral motifs.

For more information about Brunet, visit the company’s website.