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C&A Pledges to Audit All Factories after Tragic Tazreen Factory Fire

Netherlands-based international fashion supplier C&A has announced a comprehensive fire safety audit of its Bangladeshi suppliers, following the tragic factory fire at Tazreen Fashions, which killed 112 workers and injured several more.

Mega retailer Wal-Mart faced intense criticism when it was discovered that Tazreen was producing Wal-Mart clothing during the time of the fire; C&A, which also contracted with Tazreen, is now facing the music.

In a press release made public earlier this week, C&A promised to financially and medically support victims of the Tazreen fire, including their family members; to support fire safety measures at the cost of “at least 5 million euros,” and to meet with representatives of the Clean Clothes Campaign.

C&A has pledged to audit every factory that it contracts with by the middle of March, including reviews their electrical systems, layouts, and structural integrity. In a statement from C&A’s Sustainable Business Development department, the company promised that if a factory is unwilling or unable to carry out necessary improvements, “C&A production will be located elsewhere until such time that such factories can comply in full.”