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CBX Software Launches Mobile Tool for Total Sourcing Management Platform

Sourcing management solutions provider, CBX Software, announced Thursday a new mobile offering running on its Total Sourcing Management Platform in the cloud.

The application, called Mobile Inspector, will shift pre-shipment inspections into the digital space.

According to the company, Mobile Inspector allows quality inspectors to record inspection data electronically on tablets and other mobile devices, and the data is then automatically uploaded to the CBX cloud platform, simplifying shipment release and issue management.

“The benefits for retailers and brands are massive, CBX Software CEO Michael Hung said. “By eliminating labor intensive manual processes, the CBX application enables quality control teams to dramatically increase productivity, at the same time, improve data quality.”

Mobile Inspector lets quality inspectors download relevant information like item, order and quality information necessary for upcoming inspections onto mobile devices. Users can then browse for both upcoming and completed inspections via map and traditional listing user interfaces. And for remote factories and warehouses lacking strong cellular signals, offline capabilities are also built in.

The solution has an embedded security feature that uses geo-location and other technologies that register time, location and the individual who completed the inspection report.

“Ultimately, CBX will enable management to effectively leverage the growing volumes of inspection data to make better vendor and product decisions, save time and costs in the inspection process, and provide higher data integrity,” Hung said.