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China’s Garment Exports Up in Price, Not in Number

Chinese apparel and textile exports rose to an impressive $42.3 billion in January and February of 2013–up over 34% from the same months in 2012, and over 8% higher than the nation’s overall export growth. Wang Tiankai, head of the China National Textile and Apparel Council–the council is responsible for the statistics–told reporters that China’s garment industry is “growing steadily,” and “moving to the higher end of the production chain.”

Indeed, most of China’s increase in export revenues comes from that very transition. The price of exports has risen by 10% in the last 12 months–that, rather than an increase in quantity of goods, is responsible for rise China’s export dollars. Costs of goods in China have also significantly risen, by 9%.

As for the immediate future, Tiankai said the Council’s main function will be to guide garment exporters toward improved product design and brand promotion.