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Colombia Celebrates its 25th Year of the Business Matchmaking Forum

Colombia is known for excellent quality and quick turns—a combination that is in high demand in today’s speed-to-market focused environment. For U.S. companies, the appeal of the region has been further enhanced by the countries’ free trade agreement.

With the appeal of duty-free goods delivered quickly, Colombia is positioned to continue to grow its exports to the U.S. market. And the upcoming Business Matchmaking Forum will make it easy for curious buyers to quickly discover compatible resources.

The event will be hosted by ProColombia, the commercial trade office for Colombia, on March 20th – 22nd, 2018, in Bogota, Colombia.  This is the 70th edition of the Business Matchmaking Forum, known as the “Macrorueda” where it allows attendees to fill their schedules with a customized agenda of one-on-one meetings. The comprehensive marketplace will include 600 exporters from textile fiber producers to finished goods manufacturers, spanning apparel and footwear with products targeting all tiers from mass to luxury.

The format allows distributors, retailers and government contractors to pinpoint the Colombian factories and brands that will provide the exact expertise and goods they need. By allowing buyers to preselect the companies they will meet, the format allows them to use their time efficiently.

“The Business Matchmaking Forum is one of the most effective tools we have to provide entrepreneurs with new business and contacts. On this occasion, there will be more than 3,000 participants, including Colombian exporters and buyers from 50 countries, with the textile and apparel sector as one of the highlights. This industry offers products with high added value such as swimwear, shapewear, activewear, uniforms, footwear and leather goods, as well as a flexible offer on demand and with competitive response times, thanks to the strategic location of Colombia”, said Felipe Jaramillo, president of ProColombia.

From the initial process, the experience is customized for each attendee. Beginning with the registration form, buyers are encouraged to provide as much detail about their needs as possible. Once selected to participate, ProColombia will assist them in selecting resources based on their production needs and requirements. Buyers can then review profiles of the proposed companies and accept only those appointments they feel will provide them with the best resources. Then during the event itself, each party has 40 minutes to interact in person.

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In addition to the meeting format, attendees will have the chance to visit swimwear, footwear, underwear and shapewear factories to gain an in depth understanding of the capabilities available in the region. International buyers will also have the opportunity to take a brief city tour to familiarize themselves and gain insights into Bogota’s rich history.

To register, visit the Business Matchmaking Forum site here.