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How New Datacolor Color Tools Optimize Textile Supply Chains

Datacolor, a provider of color management software, instruments and services, has launched new tools for the textile supply chain.

The firm’s new Assessment Services program will provide lab auditing for textile manufacturers’ color supply chains, the company said in a statement. The program aims to reduce the time and cost of product development by certifying suppliers annually, which the firm said will ensure brand confidence. The program will also aid brands with supplier selection and help identify contingency sourcing plans should they encounter issues with their current suppliers.

Datacolor is also rolling out ColorHub, an online software that provides real-time data about a mill’s color performance. The platform is cloud-based, with a wealth of lab dip and production color data to help ensure consistency in shades and colors. Manufacturers can take action in real time should they find that a color issue requires correction, instead of waiting on samples.

Enabling trust between brands and suppliers is the goal of these initiatives, Datacolor said on its website, adding that its services can shave weeks off the development calendar by allowing brands to swiftly respond to fashion trends.

“No one better understands how color impacts business than Datacolor, and we continually seek to develop new color management solutions that meet our customers’ needs within today’s complex global supply chain,” said Dustin Bowersox, Datacolor’s market manager for textiles and apparel.

“This series of solutions is intended to address several pain points for the textile and apparel supply chain, allowing brands to make better sourcing decisions based on mill performance and sophistication while allowing suppliers to improve operational efficiency by providing real-time data into the quality and consistency of their products,” Bowersox added.

Earlier this year, Datacolor partnered with Color Solutions International (CSI) to optimize its ColorReaderPRO portable color measurement device. By holding the device up to a fabric’s surface, designers can get an instant color reading sent to their mobile device, and then match the color they’re seeing in person to a standardized option in CSI’s Colorwall library.