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Datacolor and CSI Enhance ColorReaderPRO Color Matching Capabilities

Color technology firm Datacolor has partnered with Color Solutions International (CSI) to improve the capabilities of its portable color measurement device, the ColorReaderPRO. The CSI-equipped version of the ColorReaderPRO debuted last week at Première Vision in New York.

Datacolor’s portable color measurement device allows apparel brands to precisely identify colors from multiple color libraries. The new version of the ColorReaderPRO implements CSI’s ColorWall, for creating certified color standards, and also allows brands to add their own colors to the ColorReaderPro.

“Speed to market remains a driving influence upon the fashion and apparel industry, making it essential that brands spend less and less time on color development and matching,” said Tim Williams, marketing manager at CSI, in a Datacolor statement. The partnership with CSI, Williams said, comes in response to customers’ requests for expedited color selection and expanded options in the color palette creation process.

To match colors, users simply hold the device up to the textile surface, press a button and then read the results, which are displayed on the device or sent directly to their phones. The device doesn’t require an internet connection, allowing designers to color match on the go.

“Designers can now match any color to the closest CSI color standard, or their existing custom color library, effectively eliminating the need for manual color look-up,” said Dustin Bowersox, textile marketing manager for Datacolor.

Along with increasing brands’ speed-to-market capabilities, the new ColorReaderPRO also reduces the cost of color development, ensures color quality and consistency, and enables evaluation throughout the supply chain. The device is also designed to make building color palettes easy and collaborating with team members seamless.

The tool functions via Bluetooth and works with a color measurement software developed by Datacolor and Inèdit last year.

To learn more about the partnership, visit the DataColor site.