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Dow Microbial Control Joins the Bluesign System

Dow Microbial Control, owned by the Dow Chemical Company, announced last week it has joined the Bluesign system, a network of leading companies serving textile and apparel markets around the globe.

Chemical manufacturers who are Bluesign partners agree to improve performance in five specific areas of their production processes: air emissions, consumer safety, occupational health and safety, resource productivity and water emissions.

Dow Microbial Control introduced SILVADUR Antimicrobial, a microbial control product that provides long-lasting freshness and protection against bacteria in clothing, home textiles and industrial fabrics, in 2012. Since then, the technology has gained global recognition.

The company accredits SILVADUR’s success to the fact that it provides reliable, long-lasting freshness in textiles and apparel at a time when more and more consumers are embracing a healthier, more hygienic lifestyle.

“Dow is dedicated to helping lead the transition to a sustainable society and planet,” said Karel Williams, global strategic marketing associate director for Dow Microbial Control. “Joining the bluesign system is an important step we are taking to assure textile and apparel manufacturers and brands, their customers and others that products treated with SILVADUR do not compromise human health or harm the environment.”

The Bluesign system is operated by Swiss-based Bluesign Technologies, which works by assessing chemicals, checking for toxicity and environmental harm throughout the entire production process.