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DTC Playbook: The New Sales, Marketing & Finance Strategies Driving the Maturing Model

Don’t chalk up scaling challenges as simply “good problems to have.”

Any direct-to-consumer brand seeking to move beyond one-hit-wonder status has learned—often the hard way—that playing the long game requires a completely new skill set.

Cracking the consumer code to break through the noise with a successful hero product remains the dream for many brands, but what happens next is what determines whether it will scale or fail. As such, DTCs that hit it big often find themselves unprepared and unable to rely upon the strategies that helped them break out in the first place.

The reasons vary. For instance, luxury cashmere apparel brand Naadam found itself misfiring on inventory levels stemming from a less-developed understanding of its customers’ year-round needs. It took new manufacturing partnerships and new technology systems for the company to build a real sustainable growth model.

Scaling New Heights, Sourcing Journal’s second DTC State of the Industry Report, digs into the myriad challenges facing these digitally native apparel and footwear brands. Featuring insight from the investors who finance them, the retailers who sell them, and the brands themselves, the report serves as a guide to the quickly changing landscape and a playbook for brands that want to stick their landing.

Download to learn:

  • The tech bridging the omnichannel gap and the strange bedfellows found at retail
  • Why investors are (still) so enamored with DTCs
  • The top 5 key metrics they use to vet them
  • The new financing models that are emerging to accommodate
  • How successful DTCs are cracking the inventory puzzle
  • Where these brands are marketing beyond Instagram
  • Advice for the brands seeking their own growth formula

Click to download Scaling New Heights, featuring insight from Greats, Stance, Eloquii, The Arrivals, Naked Cashmere, Dia&Co, Nudea, Quoddy, Ookioh and more.