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Egypt’s Cotton Exports Rise 51.8%

Egypt’s cotton exports saw a sharp increase of 51.8% from March to May 2013.

The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS), who reported the numbers, said in a quarterly statement that Egypt exported 351,700 metric kentar of cotton during the three-month period compared to exports of 231,800 during the same period last year.

Cotton consumed by local mills reached 346,200 metric kentar, a 1.7 percent decline from last year’s 352,300 from March to May this year.

Imported cotton fell to 21,800 metric kentar from 23,200 in the previous season, a 6.3 percent decline.

Ginned cotton took a substantial plummet dropping 67.2 percent to 490,000 metric kentar from 1.48 million last year as a result of stockpiled ginned cotton from the previous season.

CAPMAS attributed declines in domestic consumption and imported cotton to the country’s political turmoil and a number of spinning factories ceasing work.