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EU Fights Uphill Battle Against Chinese Brand Piracy

Not everyone considers imitation to be a form of flattery. In an uphill battle against brand counterfeiters, EU customs officers seized nearly 3.4 million articles of phony name brand clothing last year.

The estimated retail value of the fraudulent haul is a whopping $139 million. Approximately 628,375 forged accessories were also uncovered in the raids.

By a wide margin, the Chinese black market is the main culprit, followed distantly by Turkey and Morocco. China’s notorious piracy accounts for 76.8% of all counterfeited clothing in Europe.

China has long struggled with rampant retail piracy, often the target of frustrated criticism from Western brands that they do little to abate the flood of counterfeited goods into the black market or that they tacitly encourage the booming industry.

Even China, though, has struggled to clamp down on counterfeited labels within its own borders. Just last May, the Hunan Province Public Security Bureau seized 476,000 forged articles in a single day, breaking up eight different criminal rings.