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Everest Textile USA to Invest $18.5 Million in New North Carolina Apparel Facility

Everest Textile USA is strengthening North Carolina’s garment sector.

The Taiwan-based sports apparel company is opening a manufacturing facility in Rutherford County and investing $18.5 million in the new site over the next five years. Everest Textile USA’s factory will bring 610 jobs to the Forest City vicinity and will be company’s first manufacturing facility outside of Asia.

“North Carolina’s outstanding business climate offers great advantages to global manufacturers such as Everest Textiles,” said Governor Pat McCrory. He added, “We are thrilled that this innovation-based textile company has selected our state and its tradition of high-quality manufacturing to build its presence in the Americas.”

The new facility will be facilitated by a Job Development Grant (JDIG), which was ensured by North Carolina’s Economic Investment Committee on Dec. 6. Under the JDIG, Everest Textile USA is eligible to receive approximately $3 million in total reimbursements. Verification by the NC Commerce and NC Revenue will determine the annual payment installments, depending upon Everest Textile USA’s job creation and investment targets. The company’s investment aims to boost the State of North Carolina’s overall tax benefit.

Everest Textile USA plans to hire an administrative team, operators and supervisors once the facility opens. Approximately $15.8 million annual payroll will be generated by the new manufacturing center, which will improve the local economy.

“As a native North Carolinian, it is exciting to see Everest Textile USA investing in the state and people of North Carolina, while also creating innovative products,” Everest Textile U.S. legal counsel Michael Chen said. “This project will be a tremendous opportunity for all parties involved.”

Everest Textile USA’s new investment follows North Carolina’s recent manufacturing boom. Since 2011, over 19,000 industrial jobs have been added to the state.  As North Carolina reclaims its textile manufacturing title back, Everest Textile USA and other international apparel companies will be at the forefront of this industry change up.