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Updated Facebook Offers Heightens Mobile Retail Experience

Recently redesigned Facebook Offers has a new mobile-friendly format, which helps retailers engage in more digital advertising and provides consumers easy access to product promotions.

Facebook announced the platform’s new look Tuesday to address the growing mobile commerce trend. Retailers today want to grow online consumer traffic with successful advertising, while shoppers are demanding seamless purchasing experiences, which include redeeming discounts on various tech devices.

As shopper preferences shift, retailers are constantly competing for successful branding strategies on social media outlets, including Facebook. Now, Facebook Offers lets retailers share discounts with consumers on their smartphones. Retailers are provided with two Offers, online and in-store, which they can share in an ad or in a page post.

Once Offer ads are created, they appear on consumers’ Facebook News Feeds. Retailers can also attract target shopper demographics with creative ad formats, such as carousel ads. If consumers are more likely to make a purchase on a retailer’s website, the retailer has the option to prioritize ad delivery to these consumers.

Retailers may also share Offers through the Offer Page Composer, posted directly on the retailers’ Facebook Pages, where they may be viewed by consumers during a select timeframe. Should consumers miss the offers, they can open a tab to see previously posted discounts and promotions.

Due to the prevalence of mobile commerce, consumers are purchasing more items on their smartphones than ever. With this instant access, people desire an easier way to claim retailers’ coupons and deals. Facebook now provides them with an Offers bookmark, where they can save deals and redeem them on their desktops, smartphones or tablets.

When consumers visit retailers’ mobile websites, they can copy the Offer codes and access other important product information on their smartphones. No memorizing codes are required and consumers purchasing items in-store may also use Offers at the register. Retailers with Offers establish a special QR code or barcode, so consumers can experience an easy checkout in-store and online.

Currently, Facebook Offers supports retailers that want to maximize discounts for many consumers, but Facebook is also working on establishing unique offer codes as well, so retailers can advertise more individualized discounts and promotions to particular shopper demographics.