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FineLine Introduces Quick-Turn, Customizable RFID Hangtags

Retailers no longer need to sacrifice their branding for the sake of incorporating radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, the smart tags now come distinctively branded, allowing retailers to forgo “unsightly” RFID stickers and tickets.

The new process released by FineLine Technologies Inc., dubbed RFID “As You Like It,” allows brands and retailers to easily order RFID-enabled hangtags while maintaining their “carefully cultivated brand image.”

“FineLine’s RFID ‘As You Like It’ process meets demand for an attractive, efficient and cost-effective alternative to today’s typical RFID tagging products and processes,” the company said in a statement. “With RFID “As You Like It,” apparel brands and retailers gain the benefits of RFID without compromising their brand image, cost competitiveness or supply chain efficiency.”

The integrated hangtags have an RFID chip embedded within a branded hangtag, which has all of the standard pricing and sizing details, and eliminates the need for separate RFID stickers or tickets, which can run as much as $70-$100 per 1,000 units. Labor costs for attaching multiple tags or stickers will also be reduced, as will the risk of mismatches between the secondary RFID ticket or sticker and the primary UPC tag.

FineLine can make the tags to meet most brand specifications, including varying hangtag sizes, color graphics and text. There are no annual quantity or inventory commitments for the tags. Integrated tag samples can be developed within one week and turnaround time for production orders destined for anywhere in the world is just 48 hours once the brand’s art is set up in the company’s system — key in keeping sampling and production times short in today’s increasingly fast fashion world.

“With our new RFID ‘As You Like It’ process, we make it easy for fashion brands and retailers to integrate RFID into labels their designers, merchandisers and customers will love, with flexible sampling, ordering requirements and delivery terms they and their entire supply chain can enjoy,” said George Hoffman, CEO, FineLine Technologies.