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First Insight Enters Partnership with Etam

First Insight is empowering the intimates apparel market with its new alliance.

The retail solutions provider initiated a partnership with leading international lingerie tycoon Etam, to assist the company with its product merchandising initiatives.

“First Insight should help us to make more accurate buying decisions by identifying poor performing lingerie and ready-to-wear products that we should avoid,” Etam Brand CEO Marie Schott said. She added, “We aim to incorporate the voice of the customer into our decision-making process and we expect to make more accurate decisions on which products consumers will flock to, which to avoid, and lower the risk on those items that did not perform well.”

After opening its first store in 1916, Etam today remains one of the most favored French apparel brands worldwide. Known for its ready-to-wear intimates products, Etam prioritizes fashion and functionality for its consumer base. In partnering with First Insight, Etam aims to improve the consumer experience and deliver the best lingerie products for shoppers’ various lifestyle needs.

With a mission to bridge the gap between retailers and consumers, First Insight enables brands to minimize product failures by facilitating online consumer engagement. First Insight’s strategy involves collecting real-time consumer data to create actionable insights for brands. Brands, manufacturers and retailers can refine their design, pricing and market strategies for products without compromising inventory turnover and margins.

“We share similar values with Etam, as we believe that listening to customers is a key factor in delivering fashion-forward products that consumers want to purchase,” First Insight CEO Greg Petro said. He added, “From product selection to marketing efforts and pricing strategies, our solutions enable retailers and brands to truly understand their customers, and we’re pleased to continue our partnership with Etam as we work to deliver on our shared mission.”