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Now There’s a Subscription Box for Your Underwear

Fruit of the Loom is claiming its share of the subscription box market and its latest service is enabling consumers to seamlessly stock up on essential wardrobe items, including underwear and T-shirts. And if they sign up, they’ll be able to snag these intimates at 30 percent off for all recurring orders.

The retailer, known for its basics apparel, recently debuted its Fruit to your Door Auto Delivery program—where consumers can conveniently order new underwear and tailor delivery frequency, quantity and order dates based on their individual schedules. The service is currently available for 63 sets of men’s and women’s apparel—including boxer briefs, bikinis and basic crew neck T-shirts.

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Consumers can easily join Fruit to Your Door while browsing for a product or reviewing items in their shopping carts. To subscribe, consumers can choose the Auto Delivery option for their preferred product, indicate the frequency with which they want that product delivered and then wrap up with a regular check out process. Following sign up, consumers will receive a confirmation email that includes a link to access the ‘Fruit to your Door Auto Delivery’ section of their account, where they can monitor account information, auto deliveries and future orders. If a consumer needs to make any changes to their order—including adding other eligible items or canceling auto delivery—Fruit of the Loom processes requests within 24 hours.

Once an order is placed, Fruit of the Loom will charge the consumer on the day the order is shipped and continue fulfilling orders based on desired frequency. Ten days before their order arrives, consumers will receive a reminder email from Fruit of the Loom with updated information, including approximate delivery date and any item changes. Fruit to Your door members get 30 percent off their reoccurring orders and pay a discounted shipping rate of $3.95.