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Gerber Technology Introduces Precise Pivex Punch for Leather Cutting System

Gerber Technology introduced a new accessory for its line of Taurus and Taurus II Leather Cutting Systems called the High Capacity Pivex Punch on Wednesday.

As a result of this new addition, Taurus and Taurus II can cut and punch leathers up to 12 ounces when also using Gerber’s patented Pivex reciprocating knife head with the new High Capacity Pivex Punch.

The High Capacity Pivex Punch, designed with apparel and accessory manufacturers in mind, is ideal for Taurus users who create items that involve precise and consistent holes in heavy leather, such as belts, footwear, bags, jackets and watchbands.

Tom Gordon, director of Industrial Products for Gerber Technology, said, “The Taurus II Leather Cutting System represents a very strategic product line for Gerber, and we will continue to drive innovation for this segment of the market.” He added, “The High Capacity Pivex Punch is just another way we’re helping Taurus and Taurus II users maximize their return on investment by providing expanded functionality to their production automation capabilities.”

Starter kits, which can be installed by the customer in just a few minutes, are available in two size ranges, 2-4 mm and 5-7 mm, each including two punches of each size and all hardware needed to create two punches simultaneously.

The High Capacity Pivex Punch can be installed on any Taurus XD/XM or Taurus II SLD/SLS with Pivex. Pivex upgrades are accessible for Taurus XD/XM and Taurus II SLD/SLS customers currently operating Taurus 4-tool systems who want to gain precision.