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Independent USA-Made Fashion Brands Can Now Sell Online for Free

In a time where fast fashion overshadows American-made apparel, independent designers have a new ally.

Online retail platform IndieApparel is offering independent “Made in USA” fashion brands the opportunity to sell their merchandise and connect with international consumers on its free store platform.

“My studies have shown that the American domestic fashion market is in serious crisis today given the dominance of goods manufactured in the foreign nations. But such goods often show substandard quality and also mean hazardous working environment for the workers,” IndieApparel founder Reginalde Messac said. “Thus, Indieapparel is on this endeavor to provide a solid platform for our domestic U.S. fashion designers and manufacturers where they can express themselves easily and confidently to the world.”

On IndieApparel’s website, independent American designers may open up their own e-commerce shops for free, where they can sell products and keep 85 percent of the profit on every product sale. Many domestic designers currently operate their businesses with IndieApparel, including Ann Caterine from Chicago, Kapy Bash Mode from New York and J Wingfield from Colorado.

“We are your voice that you have been looking for so long to take our exclusive ‘Made in USA’ brand to the peak,” Messac said. “With us, you will have a stronger collaborative support to thrive gloriously in the contemporary cut-throat competition.”