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Intertextile Shanghai Increases Exhibitor Variety, Ramps Up Trend Forums

The next Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics show taking place from March 16-18 will feature a greater diversity of exhibitors and robust trend inspiration for Spring Summer 2017.

In the show’s Verve for Design area, where design studios from around the world showcase original fabric pattern designs, more countries will be represented than at the 2015 show. In addition to returning countries, Australia, France, Italy and the UK, exhibitors from Japan, Russia and Switzerland will participate.

Atelier Mineeda and Nix will represent Japan, Solstudio Textile Design comes from Russia and Gibson Design Studio will join the show from Switzerland.

Intertextile Shanghai’s Directions Trend Committee, with expert input from Italy’s Elementi Moda, NellyRodi Agency in France, Japan’s Ms Sachiko Inoue and Doneger from the U.S., have named three trends for SS ’17.

“We are living in a changing world,” according to the committee’s trend overview, “Merging generations, genders, materials, digital and craft, reality and fantasy in an exciting new ambivalence to energize SS ’17.”

In a statement, show co-organizer Messe Frankfurt outlined the three trends to be featured at the March show:

  • Digital Native: a new pop culture is emerging with generations Y and Z. A playful spirit, both childlike and adult, reminds us of the optimism of the ‘60s and introduces a new and contemporary multifaceted digital-native generation.
  • Street Generation: streetwear and activewear influence the entire ready-to-wear market. Exuberance champions excess to create the exceptional. Audacity and sophistication brighten up the urban wardrobe and serve indulgent holidays.
  • Gender Profile: beyond genders: masculine and feminine, young and old… Adding new layers to natural aesthetics, this collaged style gives voice to unusual expressions mixing art and craft, elegance and smart casual.

Guests interested in gleaning Chinese trends for the coming season will find them in one of the three designated China trend forums. The three guiding themes buyers should look out for are:

  • Subtle Happiness: Escaping from our virtual networks and complicated materialistic world, people are again searching for the ‘pause’ and ‘space’ in the spiritual world to achieve happiness.
  • Dynamic Life: Sportswear gets out of the gym and becomes a necessity of daily life and work. As the influence of ‘athleisure’ keeps growing, it becomes synonymous with high-end and luxury through the injection of modern technology.
  • Cute Naivety: A story filled with youth and personality. Disdain for others and advocating straightforwardness, they are a generation featured by micro, subtle and independent qualities.