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Cordura Takes its Fabrics to Consumers in New Campaign

Cordura fabrics are ready for their moment in the spotlight.

The brand known for high-durability fabrics, including denim, has announced a new video and Instagram campaign called “Crafted in Japan With Cordura Fabric.” The series will showcase the production of “forward-thinking, innovative Japanese bag, pack and carry solutions” made by some of Japan’s leading bag brands, including Master-Piece and up-and-comer CIE.

The ad campaign will be a series of videos paired with Instagram giveaways. Each video will feature a different designer working with Cordura fabrics to create items around the central theme of Japanese craftsmanship and design.

The combination of Cordura’s durable fabrics and the trend toward sturdy, long-lasting products in the Japanese apparel market seemed like a natural collaboration to Cindy McNaull, global Cordura brand and marketing director.

“Pushing the boundaries of durable fabric technology through our latest innovations, combined with forward-thinking collaborations with our supply chain and brand customers continue to help drive our success,” McNaull said in a statement announcing the campaign. “Japanese craftsmanship has long been valued by the design world, and at the Cordura brand, we have a deep appreciation for the Japanese market, which values high-quality, built-to-last products.”

The first video will give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the production of Master-Piece bags and backpacks. Cordura has already released a teaser video on its website that shows Master-Piece workers on the production floor using Cordura fabrics to craft their designs.

The next video in the series will demonstrate how a new brand in Japan, like fledgling bag maker CIE, can use Cordura fabrics to create a unique identity. Cordura NYCO fabrics, which are used by the US military, also have a home with CIE. The Japanese designer frequently incorporates the heavy fabric into its minimalist products. The result is a design philosophy that looks like a hybrid of traditional U.S. military styles and Japanese sensibilities.

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“Cordura fabrics are used in a wide variety of stylish and long-lasting products from apparel to bags, packs, and footwear, and are trusted by many militaries and protective clothing companies around the globe,” Takashi Kawasaki, Cordura brand Japanese business manager, said. “Our new series demonstrates how these fabrics can be utilized by Japanese brands and designers, who are global tastemakers on the forefront of product innovation.”

In July, Cordura debuted its True Lock nylon fabric in South Carolina after expanding existing US nylon production in the prior year. The move greatly increased its North American production capacity and solidified its leadership in the 6,6 fiber market.