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It’s Not Just Bangladesh: Vietnam Factory Fire Rages

Early Tuesday morning, a fire erupted at a garment factory in Ho Chi Minh City’s Tan Tao Industrial Park. The blaze proved difficult to contain for firefighters and spread rapidly from the fourth and fifth floors of the building to the entirety of the block.

The damage wrought was considerable. The fourth and fifth floors of the garment factory were completely destroyed, ruining a significant amount of expensive machinery. The total costs of the fire have yet to be determined. None of the more than 8,000 factory workers were injured since the fire started in the twilight hours of the day, while only a handful of staff were on the premises.

The inferno swept through the block so quickly, and became so intractable, that the district needed additional firefighters from neighboring areas including Tan Phu, Hoc Mon and Cu Chi.

Firefighting Police Division representatives suspect the fire may have been started due to a short circuit. This is the second fire the Pou Yuen Vietnam company has weathered in the last year, raising questions about its attention to factory compliance. The first fire occurred last May, consuming a 900 square foot shoe manufacturing factory.