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IZ Adaptive Apparel Returns With Sharper Prices and a Broader Reach

After going on a two-year hiatus in 2016, Izzy Camilleri’s adaptive apparel collection, IZ Adaptive, is relaunching with better prices, a broader lineup and new options for wholesale purchase.

IZ Adaptive’s relaunch begins with a new ready-to-wear capsule featuring 55 pieces, including denim, tees and jackets for men, women and non-binary individuals. The collection will incorporate adaptive features like magnetic closures and pull tabs on zippers in order to accommodate disabled consumers—much like the previous assortment.

This time, however, only 60 percent of the clothes in the collection are made for wheelchair users, while the rest are targeted towards others with wider ranges of mobility. Camilleri says this is due to a new outlook for the line, which she says is also more refined and focused toward its best-selling pieces. Pricing will be modest, ranging from $25 for an IZ Adaptive T-shirt to $425 for a men’s suit.

Camilleri’s interest in adaptive fashion began when she realized how underserved the market was and how important it was for fashion to become more inclusive.

“When I was approached by my first custom ‘seated’ client, I had no idea how different her fit needs were from mine, and the very limited selection of clothing options that were available to her. She opened my eyes to a consumer problem that needed to be figured out, and a void in the fashion market. I spent a lot of time with her, learning all about her fit challenges, and figured that there were most likely a lot of other people who shared these same frustrations,” Camilleri said.

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Camilleri’s approach to the business of adaptive fashion might be the biggest difference between the opening launch and this new iteration. Looking for an increased presence globally, IZ Adaptive has changed its pricing and distribution to reflect its priority of accessibility to consumers of all types.

When Camilleri launched IZ Adaptive in 2009, wholesale opportunities were rare and adaptive apparel was a relatively unknown and underserved category. But, she says things have changed.

“With more and more high profile brands entering the space, more people are starting to become open to and familiar with adaptive design. When I started back in 2009, it was definitely unchartered waters and getting traction with consumers and the industry was difficult,” she said. “Now, with heightened interest from media and retailers in adaptive fashion, as well as the growth in e-commerce and social media, news can travel much faster, paving the way for this newer industry to grow.”

IZ Adaptive can be found on its official website and will also be available through Zappos and Macy’s.