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Joe’s Jeans Plans 100 Stores By 2017

Joe’s Jeans, the Los Angeles-based retailer, plans to open 70 full-price boutiques by 2017, according to California Apparel News. The stores will be primarily mall based, in a move away from its standard urban retail concept.

The retailer has been rolling out six new stores annually since 2008 and plans to increase that to 12 new stores a year. Their goal is to have 100 stores in the U.S. by 2017. They currently have 19 outlet shops and 12 full-price boutiques.

The news has pushed up share prices, as analysts predict robust growth over the next several years. Full-priced sales are expected to improve the company’s profitability. It is also showing strong sales overseas, and is ramping up its lower-priced line at Macy’s.