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Kornit Digital Becomes Hands on in North America

Kornit Digital is making a concentrated effort to get closer to its customers. Last week, the digital textile printing company announced an end to its distribution agreement with Hirsch Solutions, and the beginning of a new era.

Its shift to a direct-to-customer model is representative of the company’s strategy to meet customers where they are and create more intimate partnerships. “As we’ve ramped up resources in North America, we’ve realized our infrastructure plan needs to be closer to customers to help them grow,” said Ryan Kurek, director of marketing for Kornit’s North American office.

Kornit has made moves toward actualizing that robust infrastructure within the last year, from opening a new headquarters and Center of Excellence in Englewood, New Jersey, and bringing new leadership into the company, in the form of CEO Ronen Samuel and director of applications Robert Nute. The end of the company’s partnership with Hirsch is another facet of that plan.

In the past, serious testing usually needed to take place either with Hirsch Solutions, in the United States, or we would have to do testing at our headquarters in Israel,” Kurek said. “Now we can connect with our customers here in the United States.”

Alongside its move to serve customers directly, Kornit is also inviting consumers into its new headquarters through a series of events at the Center of Excellence. According to Kurek, the company will hold eight open houses a year, inviting customers and interested garment producers to see its technology up close. Kornit will also host an annual seminar called “Kornit University,” to showcase new product innovations, production techniques and thought leadership. “We’re inviting our customers to get to know the individuals doing purchase orders and logistics, allowing them to see garments and test technology, and see how together we can build world-class businesses, no matter what size,” he said.

“As Kornit launches new systems that now break more barriers to what’s achievable for textile printing, our customers and prospects have complete access and advanced resources in North America to empower their success,” said Shai Terem, president of Kornit Digital Americas.

Kornit also announced plans to unveil two new systems and ink-sets in early April at the Center of Excellence, which Kurek said will be “revolutionary” for the industry.

“We’re very excited for everyone to see what we’re doing at Kornit,” Kurek said. “Every member of our team has elevated their game 100 percent.”