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Launchmetrics and Pinterest Announce Partnership for Influencer Marketing

Launchmetrics rolls out new tools to help brands in get noticed on Pinterest.

Launchmetrics, a marketing and analytics platform for fashion, luxury and cosmetic brands, announced it will partner with Pinterest to connect companies and influencers with users on the social media platform. The collaboration will provide audience insights and data analysis to the 50,000 community members who use Launchmetrics.

Social media continues to drive consumers’ online purchasing, and Pinterest’s user interface has unique characteristics that are ripe for marketing opportunities. The visual media platform is especially popular among consumers looking for inspiration for purchasing decisions, said the company, making it an untapped source for brands interested in expanding their social media marketing.

Last year, Pinterest announced the website has 250 million monthly users. Additionally, 97 percent of top searches on the site are unbranded, according to a statement from Launchmetrics, making Pinterest an especially effective place for brands to reach new consumers.

The newest Pinterest API will be integrated into the Influencers by Launchmetrics platform, the company’s influencer relationship management software, which streamlines influencer casting, content creation, scheduling and campaign analysis, and was recognized by Forrester Research Inc. as a top influencer marketing platform last year. The platform will provide data and statistics from Pinterest to influencer campaigns, and also give brands insight into user behavior that could guide their process for targeting new customers.

Along with aggregating data, the Influencers by Launchmetrics platform also provides context through educational programming that helps influencer and brand users maximize their ROI.

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“Data proves the importance of mastering one’s owned media voice, and yet, it is interesting to see how most brands still aren’t leveraging their media channels and are missing out on big moments of value creation,” said Katherine Knight, corporate communications director at Launchmetrics.

“Partnering with Launchmetrics will enable Pinners to be inspired by even more great content across fashion and beauty while enabling influencers to be discovered and measure their reach,” said David Temple, head of content and creator products at Pinterest.

The new program will kick off with a private workshop in London for designers part of the British Fashion Council network. The collaboration will launch for brands globally on January 24, with a webinar aimed to provide designers with strategic insights on optimizing their social media campaigns during show season to reach consumers.