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Lectra’s Latest Solution Takes Step Toward Fully Automated Marker Making

Lectra, the world leader in integrated technology solutions, announced Tuesday the release of its latest marker-making solution DiaminoFashion V6R2, which the company says delivers better results and bigger savings in the cutting room.

The new version, according to Lectra, helps today’s fashion companies and apparel manufacturers keep up in a marketplace that has been transformed by fast fashion.

“The industry norm has moved from two big collections a year to a steady stream of low-quantity orders in a variety of styles, sizes and colors,” Lectra chief marketing officer Céline Choussy Bedouet said. “This complexity has put enormous pressure on businesses, who need to find new ways to improve productivity and cut costs. Because fabric makes up such a large portion of clothing’s cost price, an efficient marker-making process that optimizes material usage can be a real competitive advantage.”

DiaminoFashion can help streamline the development process and keep production costs low, while maintaining product quality. It allows companies to predict how much it will cost to produce a certain product ahead of time, so they can plan strategically and ensure they get the most out of every inch of fabric.

Lectra claims this latest version brings manufacturers one step closer to fully automated marker making thanks to its added controls that allow it to take fabric flaws and quality issues into account automatically.

“With DiaminoFashion V6R2, we can now stipulate that key pattern pieces need to be placed next to each other during automated processing, whereas before, we had to lay this type of marker by hand,” said Amir Pradhan, managing director of Pradhan Mercantile, a manufacturer of quality ready-made apparel in India. “Our marker-making time has been cut in half and with the additional improvements in efficiency, we have also been able to reduce our fabric waste by up to 1%.”

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The company said the expanded automated capability helps manufacturers to process even more markers quickly, efficiently and with less fabric waste. Manufacturers under pressure from deadlines can also keep up with peaks in activity using DiaminoFashion’s automated processing feature to take advantage of off-hours.

According to Lectra, the latest version has enhanced processing power that is able to collect process marker lists faster than before, overnight or while other tasks are being performed during the day.

DiaminoFashion V6R2 offers communication benefits to different teams within a company through its data sharing solutions for design, development and cutting-room. The new version can also be launched directly from the company’s cutting-room optimization solution Optiplan.