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Lenzing Introduces New Tencel Micro Fiber

The Lenzing Group introduced a new Tencel micro fiber Tuesday.

Tencel A100 specialty fiber was specifically developed for the processing of knitted fabrics. The company says the fiber offers superior quality properties, which surpass other fabrics of conventional cellulose fibers.

“As a result of the innovative, micro A100 fiber type, new opportunities are opening up both in the lingerie sector and in upmarket fashion with a high quality standard,” said Dieter Eichinger, apparel vice president at Lenzing. “Superior color brightness combined with gloss and the best service values are what make the A100-fiber types a top choice. With this fiber a depth of color can be achieved which surpasses any other fiber. Our black is appropriately called perfect black.”

When the new fiber was compared to cotton, Viscose and Modal, there was a considerable difference in the depth of color. A100 is 38 percent more intensive in depth of color than cotton. When compared to these materials in terms of gloss, Tencel A100 had the highest gloss, showing that knitted apparel doesn’t necessarily need synthetic fibers to have impressive shine. Lenzing says the appearance of the fiber does not degrade after washing and that there are no wrinkles after washing.

A100 is used specifically in blends with wool and synthetic fibers. It acts as a softener in wool and as a moisture manager with synthetic fibers.

“Lingerie for sportswear could be an interesting application for the new micro fiber,” Eichinger said. “The latter is blended increasingly with wool and is the height of fashion. The legwear segment also promises ideas for developments. These possibilities are currently being evaluated.”