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Levi’s Saves 770 Million Liters of Water with Water<Less Products

In a nod to World Water Day on March 22, Levi’s has released new stats on its Water

As outlined in an infographic, that amount of water could fill 4.5 million bathtubs, or 308 Olympic-sized pools, or provide drinking water for nearly 811,000 people for one year.

Levi’s Water

According to Environmental Leader, Levi’s plans to make 9 million units of Water

The company has also been working on making jeans with 100 percent recycled water and has so far manufactured 100,000 pairs of women’s jeans with a test company in China, saving 12 million liters of water, according to a Levi’s Unzipped blog post last month.

“With the help of our engineering expertise and third-party validators, this Chinese partner built a system that can recycle all the water used in the finishing process. For some of our products, rather than bring in new water from outside sources, the supplier can treat the water that has already been used to finish products and use it again,” wrote Reza Hosseini, part of the Levi’s Sustainability team.

Levi’s said water recycling and reuse in apparel manufacturing is the new industry standard.

“We don’t want to stop at one supplier making 100,000 units. As we did with our Water