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Louis Vuitton USA Tagged as Tax Dodger

The City of Portland wants its money and Oregon’s biggest metropolis is tired of waiting for Louis Vuitton to pay up.

The city’s lawsuit claims the French luxury label’s USA division owes $41,000 in back taxes, late penalties and interest for the 2020 tax year.

The complaint filed in an Oregon circuit court for the County of Multnomah on Thursday alleges the company is delinquent to the tune of $17,942.61 for unpaid business income taxes, late penalties, underpayment penalties and interest due to Multnomah County. A second claim alleges the luxury purveyor owes Portland $23,325.42. Included in each amount is as $500 civil penalty assessed for Louis Vuitton’s failure to pay taxes.

The suit is also seeking costs and disbursements connected to the filing, and a judgment for interest at 10 percent per year and post-judgment interest at a rate of 9 percent annually.

Rioters who looted Louis Vuitton’s Pioneer Place store during the fallout from George Floyd’s murder by Minneapolis police left thousands of dollars of damage in their wake.

Shopping districts and store nationwide were targeted during 2020’s social unrest, from Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills to Macy’s Herald Square flagship. Brands rushed to board up store windows and lock their doors to limit the damage.

A Louis Vuitton USA spokesman said the company declined to comment on the lawsuit.