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Luna Wear Introduces Athletic Apparel That Lights Up

Runners, cyclists and pedestrians traversing the streets at night know the dangers of not being visible to oncoming traffic. But a new fashion tech company could curb that concern with an athletic apparel line that illuminates in the dark.

Luna Wear, a Miami-based fashion technology startup, launched the world’s first machine washable and dryable lighted apparel, powered by a USB-rechargeable lithium battery to make the wearer more visible when they’re out after dark. The Luna Wear gear is also lightweight and on trend.

For founder and CEO Richie Luna, who has experienced a near-tragic encounter of his own, the apparel offering is a neccessary one.

“I started my nightly run late that evening. I reached a stretch of road that was completely dark and very lonely,” Luna said. “While running, I noticed a car coming at high speed. At first I thought that the driver saw me through his headlights, but I was wrong…I was about to get hit, however I was lucky enough to be able to jump out of the way. It was at this moment that the idea for Luna Wear was born.”

The company has just released a limited-edition collection of tops, including crops for women, as well as tanks and short- and long-sleeve shirts for both women and men. Each top is custom-made according to consumers’ specifications, and available for preorder at Luna Wear’s online store.

“Our vision is for Luna Wear to light up the entire world one person at a time. Our ultimate dream would be when the sun sets and the moon rises, to start seeing Luna lights glittering one by one as people start turning on their Luna Wear gear, across every street in every city of the world,” the company notes.

And Luna’s dreams may be close to becoming reality. In addition to the online offerings, Luna Wear is expected to hit retail stores in the relatively near future, though the company didn’t express further details as to when.