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Macy’s Recalls Infant Jackets, Cites Choking Danger

Macy’s has recalled more than 8,700 infant jackets, citing the risk of choking due to loose snaps.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), so far no injuries related to the product have been reported. The garments were manufactured in China.

The recalled jackets, Macy’s Infant’s First Impressions Varsity Jackets line, were sold all over the US from September to November 2012 for between $25 and $52.The hooded jackets come in navy blue with green and turquoise trim, or gray with yellow sleeves and navy and yellow trim.

The CSPS has urged consumers who have purchased the product to immediately discontinue use and return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Below is a full list of the products involved in the recall.

Macy’sSize UPC Color3-6 MO 766360093969 CHARCOAL6-9 MO 766360093976 CHARCOAL

12 MO 766360093952 CHARCOAL

18 MO 766360093983 CHARCOAL

24 MO 766360093990 CHARCOAL

3-6 MO 766360094010 FIJI BLUE

6-9 MO 766360094027 FIJI BLUE

12 MO 766360094003 FIJI BLUE

18 MO 766360094034 FIJI BLUE

24 MO 766360094041 FIJI BLUE


Military Exchange

Size UPC Color

3-6 MO 766360738853 CHARCOAL

6-9 MO 766360738860 CHARCOAL

12 MO 766360738846 CHARCOAL

18 MO 766360738877 CHARCOAL

24 MO 766360738884 CHARCOAL

3-6 MO 766360738907 FIJI BLUE

6-9 MO 766360738914 FIJI BLUE

12 MO 766360738891 FIJI BLUE

18 MO 766360738921 FIJI BLUE

24 MO 766360738938 FIJI BLUE