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Macy’s Targets Millennial Shoppers with Two New Brands

This August, Macy’s plans to launch two new brands as part of what it calls its “millennial” strategy, a new marketing plan designed to capture consumers aged thirteen to twenty-two and nineteen to thirty.

One brand, “Maison Jules,” is aesthetically inspired by Parisian street fashion and will distinguish itself with “unique patterns and modern prints” that feature colors like peach and yellow paired with more subdued tones like navy and burgundy.

The other brand, “QMack,” takes its stylistic bearings by youthful American fashion trends, and will include preppier items like cardigans, blazers and roll-sleeve blouses.

Both brands will initially launch in 150 stores. Molly Langenstein, executive vice president of millennial and new business development, said, “Throughout 2013, Macy’s has continued to invest in exclusive brands to engage millennial shoppers who are looking for diverse, current and trend-forward fashion.”

The millennial consumer group is increasingly targeted by retailers worldwide since the demographic spends more than $65 billion a year. More than other age groups, they are keenly interested in new trends but also sensitive to value as well.